Open Collabs & Remixes

Open Collabs & Remixes

What are Open Collabs and Remixes?

Open collabs allow you to leave a part of your track open for any other artists to remix your song—whether adding a verse, chorus, hook, or anything else you come up with.

How to create an open collab?

  1. Enter the Rapchat studio
  2. Create a song like you normally would, but make sure to leave a portion "open" (like a verse or hook) so that whoever collabs with you will have a spot to record their vocals.
  3. Click "Next" once your track is finished
  4. Tap the "Open Collab" button at the bottom of the post track page and you're all set!

How to remix a track?

  1. Navigate to the discover page
  2. Locate the #OpenCollab hashtag and tap "View All" to see all the songs that have open collab enabled
  3. Tap the three dots next to the song you want to remix and select the "Remix" option
  4. Record your vocals on the track and save it like you would any other song.


Can I make an Open Collab or remix private?

Yes, you will have the option to make your open collab or remix private at the bottom of the post track page.

Can I invite someone to a collab when I remix an Open Collab?

At the moment, only one person can remix an Open Collab.

How can I find Open Collab tracks?

You'll see this icon on the play screen for any tracks that can be remixed: 🔁 but there are two ways you can find all the tracks in one place:

Option 1:

  1. Navigate to the discover page
  2. Type "OpenCollab" in the search bar and tap "Tags"
  3. Select the "OpenCollab" hashtag

Option 2:

  1. Navigate to the discover page
  2. Tap "View All" next to the Open Collab hashtag
  3. Select the track you want to remix