Record a Rapchat Promo Video

Record a Rapchat Promo Video

Rapchat is an app that makes it easy to create music and collab on your phone—used by over 10 million aspiring artists. We’re looking for TikTok creators to create videos that we can use in our ads. The goal? We want more artists to learn about Rapchat and download the app. Below are a few ideas but we want you to bring your own creativity and vibe.

Concept Ideas:

Testimonial - for music artists that explains the features and shows a quick demo - “Let me show you an app that makes it super easy to record a song on your phone…” OR “Let me know show you how you can make your first song in 10 minutes”
Fun Skit - that incorporates music-making using the Rapchat app in a fun/entertaining way
Pro Tips - Give 1-3 tips to music artists on how to create music, grow as an artist, etc.
Just Singing/Rapping - you are live recording or lip-syncing your own original song using Rapchat (using vocal effects in the app)
Record anywhere - have someone film you lip-syncing your own original song in random places (a grocery store, the beach, the riding a horse…)
Your choice - The goal is to get the attention of aspiring music artists so use your own creativity!

Important Notes:

  • First, make sure you download the app here and email with your account user name or email so we can upgrade you to a Gold subscription
  • 30-60 sec video shot vertically
  • For any screen recordings, don't crop or add any overlays (so our video editor can handle that)
  • No cursing (won’t be able to use it for ads)
  • No copyrighted music (only use beats from the app or your own)
  • Avoid large logos on your clothing
  • If you are recording into the app make sure to use headphones
  • Upload the video here 👉
  • Creator will receive $200 per video
  • Once video is received, send us your CashApp or Paypal info and we’ll process payment within a week!

Talking Points: How does the app work?

1) Choose from 200k+ beats

2) Record and mix your vocals with effects like Auto-Tune

3) Invite friends to collaborate on your track

4) Use auto-mastering to give it a professional sound

5) Share your songs with friends, socials, or keep them private

6) Meet other artists, get your songs featured, and build your following

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