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How to Publish Your Songs on Rapchat
How to Publish Your Songs on Rapchat
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In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to export and share your songs on Rapchat.

  1. Export Your Song: In the studio, click on "Next" where you'll be given the option to continue or invite someone to collab. Assuming the song is complete, you'll select "Yes, Continue." Once you do this, you won't be able to edit your song any further.

  2. Add a Title: Come up with a creative and unique title that grabs the attention of your listeners. Make sure it stands out, yet also relates to the track.

  3. Choose a Cover: The cover art should grab your listener's attention and relate to the track. You can create something on your own, but be careful that you only use royalty-free images or your own. The easiest way is usually to choose from our library of royalty-free photos.

  4. Choose Some Hashtags (Optional): You can add hashtags to make your song more discoverable, but the main use today is to enter challenges.

  5. Master Your Track (Optional): Add auto-mastering filters to instantly make your song sound better. Experiment with them and see which ones sound the best.

  6. Add a Video (Optional): Some users like to add some more exciting visuals or music videos to their songs. These videos play when the song is in full-screen mode.

  7. Turn Remixes On or Off: If you select "Allow Remixes," any other user will be able to record over your song as if it were just a beat in the studio. This feature is useful if you want to leave a verse open that anyone can add to.

  8. Make the Song Public: If you want to get feedback, it's essential that your track is made public for the community to listen to. Rapchat is for all artists at every level, so this is definitely the best place to start! But you can always turn songs public or not public later as well.

  9. Click Upload to Finalize Your Song: While you can't edit the song anymore, you can change any of the settings here afterwards. Uploading your song allows you to start sharing it with friends or in the app.

First impressions start before a new user presses play and can make a huge impact on a song's overall success. Top artists take the time to add an attention-grabbing title and artwork that catches the eye of new listeners.

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