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How to find the best beats
How to find the best beats
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The first step in making a song is to choose the right beat. The top artists on Rapchat spend a lot of their time in the app browsing the beats library (AKA Crate Digging!) to find a unique beat that inspires them. Hundreds of producers are adding new beats every day so it's important to check the beats page often.

💡One of the biggest reasons artists love Rapchat is the 150k+ free beats.

6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Beats:

  1. Navigate to the Beats Library by clicking on the Beats Icon “🎹” in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Use the search bar located at the top of the screen to search for beats by entering various types, moods, genres, producer names, beat names, etc.

    💡Here are some ideas: Trap, Old School, Drill, Travis Scott, Drake, Happy, Sad...

    3. Find beats in a similar style to your favorite artists by browsing the “Type Beats” collections

    4. You can also view beats that are Featured, Hot, or New

    • Featured: These beats have been personally selected by the staff to feature on the app

    • Hot: Beats that haven’t been featured, but have been starting to become popular with other Rapchat artists

    • New: Beats that have recently been uploaded

    5. If you like a beat, you can save it by clicking on the flame to favorite it and find those in your "Liked" section

    6. Once you have found a beat that you would like to record over, tap it and then press “Record” to make your way into the studio!

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